Will fitting a Scottoiler invalidate my manufacturer’s warranty?

We are occasionally asked the question "If I fit a Scottoiler to my motorcycle, will it invalidate my manufacturer's warranty?” There seems to be a lot of confusion around this as the regulations are complex and not widely known. Many people, including vehicle suppliers themselves, do not know the answer and have been known to supply incorrect information, so we thought we would try and answer the question for you once and for all, so here goes!

In the majority of cases fitting a Scottoiler to your motorcycle will not invalidate the manufacturer’s warranty as it can easily be done without any modification of OE parts. On rare occasions for installations on some motorcycles it is necessary to either cut a vacuum pipe or insert a spigot into the manifold.  In these cases you are making irreversible modifications to your motorcycle and therefore it could be argued that the product will invalidate your warranty. This type of installation of a Scottoiler is used rarely and mainly on older models (most of which have exceeded their manufacturer’s warranty period), with most modern motorcycle installation simply requiring the system to be plugged in to the engine to obtain a vacuum.

This position with warranty and the fitting of a Scottoiler is determined by the Motor Vehicle Vertical Agreements Block Exemption Regulations which are supported by the European Motorcycle Industry Association ACEM. These regulations cover the issue of fitting parts and accessories to a vehicle that are not the manufacturer's original equipment and state that vehicle warranties cannot be invalidated if these conditions are met:

Scottoiler products are produced to the highest standards of quality and carry the German TÜV. Scottoiler is also one of only 5% of UK companies to have both ISO9001 and ISO14001 standards. Scottoiler supplies parts to the vehicle assemblers of equal quality to those found in our aftermarket accessories and as such meets all the above requirements of the regulations.

Scottoiler have been making and selling chain lubrication systems for over 30 years. By following our installation instructions a Scottoiler unit won’t harm your motorcycle in any way. To ensure best results we recommend professional installation.

To identify the type of installation required for your motorcycle simply refer to our model specific installation guides. If you are in any doubt about this then please contact us directly so that we can help resolve the issue.

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