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Tiger 800 Vacuum Connection Guide


Please read the following notes carefully, before installation of your vSystem kit.

The vacuum connection on Triumph Tiger 800 models varies, depending on when, exactly the machine was manufactured, and in which country it was sold in. Comparing the photos below with your own bike will help you determine which model you have and, which parts from the kit should be used.


2011- 2014 models

Installation is the easiest on these models, as the vacuum spigot is visible and easy to reach. Standing on the right side of the bike, you can look through the frame and see the vacuum spigot with a rubber cap, pointing backwards, on the rear of  throttle body No.3.

Simply remove the rubber cap.....

 ...., and push the thin, black vacuum tubing into the black vacuum damper and push the vacuum damper onto the spigot.

Route your vacuum tubing neatly from the vacuum damper to your reservoir, avoiding any throttle cables or linkages and hot engine or exhaust components.

2015 - LATE 2016 models
Tiger 800 models from 2015 to mid 2016 have a tee connector in vacuum tubes below the throttle bodies, sealed with a large grey rubber cap. This is visible from the left side:

Remove the rubber cap....

... and push the (Grey, 6mm) vacuum damper (Adapter SA-0090BL required -  see Installation Adapter Information) on to the T-connector, and route the vacuum tubing neatly from here to the top of the RMV.
2016 -2017 USA and Euro4 compliant models
Tiger 800 models sold in the USA (from 2010) and those compliant with Euro4 emissions standards (sold from late 2016 onwards), have vacuum operated "EVAP" systems installed. To make the vacuum connection on these models, you simply cut the vacuum pipe between the throttle body and the EVAP "Purge" valve,(which is located behind the gear box), and insert the 6mm T-connector from the vSystem kit. You then push the standard (black, 4mm) vacuum damper onto the T-connector.

 The vacuum pipe comes from a tee connector below the throttle bodies....

 .. ...to a "purge" valve, behind the gear box


 2018 onwards models  : -
Please Note!

Scottoiler recommend this kit is installed by a trained technician.

On  Models from 2018 onwards, the fuel tank and air box need to be removed to access the vacuum tube to the EVAP purge valve, which is located in front of the  gear box.


 Cut the lower vacuum tube and insert the 6mm T-connector. Push the thin, black vacuum tubing into the vacuum elbow and route this neatly to the top of the RMV.
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