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RSV Mille - (2000 - 2003)

 Product Compatibility

  • vSystem + Adapter SA-0104BL
  • xSystem
  • eSystem
  • Lube Tube
  • Dual Injector
  • Scorpion Dual Injector
  • Magnum HCR

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vSystem Installation

Adapter Required

This installation requires a grey (6mm) Vacuum Damper (SA-0104BL).


Step 1 - Find a vacuum source 

Locate the vacuum. There is a spigot on the throttle body with a rubber cap. Remove this cap and push on the grey, 6mm vacuum damper onto the spigot. For further information see our easy step installation guide - Vacuum Connections General.




Step 2 - Find a place for the reservoir 

The reservoir can be mounted on the frame or under the seat. The more vertical the reservoir is mounted the better. Avoid positioning the reservoir completely horizontally, as this will limit the available range. Remember to avoid exhaust and engine components. For further information, see our easy step installation guide – Reservoir Positions.



Step 3 - Mount the dispenser and connect the system

The Dispenser Assembly can be secured to the paddock stand bobbin mount using the small Dispenser Plate & Clip. The delivery tubing can be routed along the swing arm using self- adhesive cable clips. For further information see our easy step installation guide - Dispenser Positioning. The nib should feed the rear sprocket with the cut face facing outwards.



Step 4 - Fill, prime and set up your vSystem

Once fitted, fill and prime the system and set the adjuster knob to ’prime’. Start the engine and turn the adjuster knob until a flow of between 1 and 2 drops per minute is achieved. Check the condition of your chain after a ride, and then adjust as required.  

For best results clean your chain before fitting the Scottoiler using paraffin or similar. Then lightly oil the chain from the bottle using a rag or a brush, this allows the oil from the Scottoiler to reach both sides of the chain. 1 to 2 drops per minute will maintain this film of oil on the chain.




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